Jethwa's versatile semi-automatic machinery has been made, with a view to keep in mind the various requirements of the tin can making industry. We present to you the whole range of semi-automatic machinery and equipment for round containers, for packing various products. The importance of our machines lies in the modern and functional design based on many years of development, finest workmanship backed by a team of first class craft men's. Today the firm is a leader in tin manufacturing machinery and also an exporter to the sophisticated markets of the world-a proof of consistent quality.

Seamless Joint

Seamless welding joint can be obtained automatically continually.

No Deformation

Width of welded joint is small and only a little quantity of heat is produced, since wire electrodes are used.

Machined Freely To Any Shape

Welded bodies can be expanded and squeezed freely to any shape within the limit of material's properties, which enables welded cans to be machined to a degree, ever thought to be impossible.

Pollution Preventive Equipment Not Heeded

The side seam welder is completely free from pollution, since it does not produce harmful substance like in conventional welding operations by solder and flux. This greatly serves to provide a comfortable working environment and does not require any pollution preventive equipment.

Jethwa Automatic Can Equipment co. has a team of service engineers providing a nationwide coverage for commissioning including staff instruction routine servicing and supply of spare parts. Our service organization ensures prompt, effective attention to customers' needs at all times.

1. Gang Slitting Machine

Gang slitting machine for cutting out body blank. Slitting of tin sheets into particular shape and size, simultaneously by assembled sheet in to strips, the main shaft are hard chromed fitted with 8 male female steel cutters, duly hardened and grinded, provided with rubber grippers molded, fitted with specially made heavy duty with motor starter and 'V' belts.

2. Cutting Of Sheets (Guillotine Shearing Machine)

These machines are the strongest treadle guillotines available to-day. The welded steel plate construction gives the same firm strength and rigidity, for cutting tin-plate sheets. These treadle guillotines are unsurpassed in economy, accuracy and safety. The sheet hold down is built into the machine. It holds the material very firmly while cutting takes place and also acts as finger guard.

3. Round Rolling Machine

The machine serves to roll all sorts of tin bodies and it has a very high output. It can be operated easily and can be adjusted rapidly for tin bodies of various diameters. The rolls are of finest quality steel and run on gunmetal bearings.

4. Container Side Seam Welder

This welding machine is for tin sheets, black sheets and tin free sheets equipped with wire feed system, and one complete set of arm assembly consisting of z-bar , saddle, forming rollers etc. fully solid state thyristor weld control.

5. Stretch Forming Machine

This is the latest technology in square shape forming after electrically welded-cylindrical tin plates bodies. The machine is especially designed for dual operation which operates stretch forming and four sides border embossing at one time. All the experience during years of development and construction of this machine has been drawn upon to ensure improved output.

6. Square Body Flanger

This machine has the reputation of producing first class work and requires a minimum of maintenance over long periods. The machine is very substantially constructed, the flanging plate being made of oil toughened, tool steel. Link pins, fulcrum pins, etc. are case hardened and the forming block and clamping sides are hand bedded to specially prepare templates.

7. Top Bottom Forming Machine

Top Bottom and container stamping press heavy duty type suitable for top bottom embossing die geared operated complete with motor starter and 'V' belts

8. Compound Die Lining Machine

The machine has been developed to line square, rectangular and irregular shaped cans' end. The Operator places the end on the chuck, and then presses the pedal which engages a single cycle of the machine. The plate die rises out of compound bath and transfers a controlled amount to the applying die. The applying die then carries the compound to the end and deposits it thereon.

9. Stationery Seaming Machine

The machine incorporates latest design features with automatic seaming for producing double seams by the roll on principle for stationery square, round cornered rectangular and irregular tins. Especially useful for closing filled tins.

10. Rotating Double Seaming Machine

The machine frictions the double seams on top and bottom to the bodies one and at a time. The machine is equipped with respective closing chuck which is already built in the machine. The machine is run with two seaming rollers frictioning single double operation. Double seam cans are seamed by operating two rollers, thus doubling their thickness and giving additional strength on the cans, for the economy of solder.

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