5 To 165 Litres / 205 Litres Drum & Buckets Machinery

1. Shearing Machine

This machine is required for cutting sized body blank & top bottom blanks from a sheet or a coil. The basic structure is steel fabricated that gives it an extra strength and rigidity. for smooth & trouble free operation, an appropriate lubricating system is provided everywhere. The shearing blades are made out of best quality material, hardened and ground to its best standard, both the blades are reversible type so that all the four edges can be utilized, giving the blades and extra lift. All the moving parts (Bushing) are made up of phosphorus bronze. the maximum speed is given to achieve more production.

2. Round Rolling Machine

The machine serves to roll all sorts of drum bodies and it has a very high output. This machine can be operated easily and can be adjusted rapidly for drum bodies of various diameters. The rolls are of best quality steel and run on gun metal bearings. The gears are machine cut and encased. The adjustable curving plate enables bodies to be rolled practically as small as the top roller.

3. Spot Welding

The rocker arm spot welding machine is an important machine in manufacturing Drums & Barrels. It is better to give some spots to the body sides before side seam welding operation. The machine can also be used for spot welding the handles etc., this machine is specially designed with a longer arm, bettr rated transformer & electronic timer, also given are various tapping to transformer for welding current selection enabling universal use.

4. Side Seam Welding Machine

The illustrated model is for side seaming to the full-length of the hollow drum and barrel body. Machine body is reinforced fabricated steel structure with a heavy duty transformer used as the main power source, for continuous welding operations. The machine is equipped with upper and lower weld wheel assembly, water cooling system and built in welding transformer.

5. Flanging Machine (Rotary Type)

This machine is required for giving flange to the drums by changing the rollers, the same machine can be used for single beading too. The illustrated model has flanging tool where in one stroke, we get one side flanging & by turning the body we get another side flanging. body is fabricated with heavy duty gear & very stable structural design gives trouble free operation. Main features of this machine are strong drive, heavy duty pneumatic cylinder, hardened & ground tooling; this all together gives jerk free operation which is essential for best quality flanges, ultimately better flange gives better leak proof end seam. For different diameters, separate tools are not required.

6. Horizantal 165 ltrs Drum Bump Flanging Machine

7. Horizantal 165 ltrs Drum Corrugation Machine

8. Circle Cutting Machine

The circle cutting machine is robust in construction and capable of shearing to specified capacity with ease for precise circles which are cut without leaving any roughness on the edges.

9. Press Tools (top Bottom)

These presses are specially designed for cutting, blanking, piercing and embossing on flat or circle sheets. The press is of heavy construction in conjunction with rigid design to give it great stability even when presses are on Mass production.

10. Semi Automatic Drum Seaming Machine

This machine is for Double seaming of top bottom with body of drums at one end at a time, the roller pressure is by cam with arm pressing type, the drum lifting arrangement is by pneumatically, the machine body is strong robust steel fabricated for ever lasting, the rollers are made of good quality steel duly hardened & ground, come one after another resulting in strongest leak proof seaming.

11. Horizantal 165 Barrel Seaming Machine


12. Cap Sealing Machine Motorize


1 Air Pressure 75-90-Pound
2 Height Adjust 100 MM
3 Operation (A)Food Valve opretred valve
    (B)Hand Liver Valve

Type of operation

(A) Pnematic Cylinder
  Pnematic Bore 70 MM X Stroke 50mm
4 Length X width X Depth 24"x43"x73"


Cap Sealing machine to seal the cap on the top hole, hand pressure type with roller and chuck fitted with motor and accesories.

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